Updated January 07 2024

Daily Bible Verse

Feb 28, 2024

If anyone sins, doing any of the things that by the LORD's commandments ought not to be done, though he did not know it, then realizes his guilt, he shall bear his iniquity.

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Latest Sermon

Honest Repentance: Salvation
Exodus 14.10-15:1
Pastor Mike Schultze

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Latest Bible Study

The Covenant Renewed
Genesis 28:1-17
Pastor Ernie Jeong

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Welcome to Faith!

Welcome to Faith Lutheran Church in Moorpark! We invite you to browse our web site to learn more about us. Read the past month's Message from the Pastor in our newsletter. Listen to the latest sermon podcast and follow along with the sermon outline. Please contact us if you have any questions, have a need we can fill, or any prayer requests. Thanks for visiting, we hope to meet you in person some time!

Worship Schedule

Sunday Morning (Mar 3, 2024)

Join us in person or on YouTube Live. The worship service is traditional following the divine service from the hymnal. The YouTube Live stream ends before the Service of the Sacrament (Holy Communion).

9:15 am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Masks optional, please use your own discretion
10:45 am Sunday School (K - 12)
& Adult Bible Study (Book of Hebrews)
-- Holy Communion - By Appointment
Please contact Pastor if you would like to receive Communion outside of Sunday Worship

Bible Study

Wednesday - Genesis Bible Study

10:00 am ZOOM Bible Study (~ 1hr 30min)
7:00 pm ZOOM Bible Study (~ 1hr)
Recording Pastor records a separate lecture style version of the Wednesday Bible Study later in the week. Watch or listen to the recordings.


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Recent Sermons

The Season of Epiphany

The Season of Epiphany ( view more )
2/11/2024 The Content Is Christ For You
Mark 9:2-9
Pastor Ernie Jeong
2/4/2024 The Epiphany: Looking to Jesus
Mark 1:29-39
Pastor Ernie Jeong
1/28/2024 The Great Physician
Mark 1:21-28
Pastor Robert Kieselowsky
1/21/2024 The Epiphany: Thy Kingdom Come
Mark 1:14-20
Pastor Ernie Jeong
1/14/2024 The Epiphany: Called by the Word
John 1:43-51
Pastor Ernie Jeong