Christ and Calamity

Grace and Gratitude in the Darkest Valley

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A devotional study based on the book "Christ & Calamity: Grace & Gratitude in the Darkest Valley" by Harold Senkbeil.

You can pick up a copy of the book at Amazon or your favorite book store.

Christ & Calamity: Grace & Gratitude in the Darkest Valley
11/12/2020 Introduction
11/19/2020 Your Calamity
11/25/2020 When You Are Faithless, Christ Is Your Faithfulness
12/3/2020 When You Cry Out, Christ Is Your Advocate
12/10/2020 When You Are Afflicted, Christ Is Your Comfort
12/17/2020 When You Bear Your Cross, Christ Is Your King
12/23/2020 When You Are Weak, Christ Is Your Strength
1/7/2021 When You Are Sad, Christ Is Your Joy
1/14/2021 When You Are in Darkness, Christ Is Your Light
1/21/2021 When You Are Alone, Christ Is with You
1/28/2021 When You Are Dying, Christ Is Your Life
2/5/2021 Christ Is Your Victory

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