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Learning God’s Word

Pastor’s thoughts for November 8th

“Whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me, and whoever receives Me, receives not Me but Him who sent Me” Mark 9:37

From the portals of prayer, “he was really bothered that we hadn’t taken him to Sunday School recently. Our excuses are valid:sickness, travel. But his need for learning God’s Word is valid too. He craves that time among his peers, listening to a pastor who explains the Bible with joy and enthusiasm”

Yes! “Learning God’s Word is valid too”. It’s wonderful to see all the children come to bible class Sunday after Sunday throughout the year. Here, they learn about the Word of God and ultimately are pointed to Christ. Yes people may find valid reasons to not be at church or attend bible study, but God calls us to meditate on His word [Jsh1:8], as His Word dwells within us richly [Col3:16]. The word of God is our most valid reason for attending church and bible study. For the word of God is living and active [Heb4:12]. The word, creates and sustains faith [Rom10:17] and delivers to us the words of Christ and His forgiveness.

As a parent, I can try my best to give them all the amenities of this world, to give them temporary comforts, to provide them in all they need, and of course this is important but the most vital part of parenthood is to teach and instruct my children in the word [Eph6:4]. And that also means, bringing them to church and teaching them why we go to church every week. Not to fulfill a spiritual quota or “we are doing what Christians do”, but to teach our children the validity of God’s word and the living breath He gives by this very Word.

So we come to church, not only for them but for ourselves. We come to be fed, to receive the words of forgiveness and be sustained by God’s living Word. And I encourage everyone to come to bible study. Another gift and benefit as we dwell deeper into God’s word. So, if you have children, drop them off at Sunday school, and come to bible class. Not only are you learning and growing in the faith, but also, you are showing your children how important the word of God is for you. This is the greatest model we can teach our children, as we too study the word.

And as a church we welcome these children with “outstretched arms..ready to nurture”. After all, Jesus says, “let the little children come to me”[Mt19:14]. Because here at church we come together for the Word-Receiving gifts of eternal life forgiveness and salvation. What other valid reason do we need for the importance of church? For toddler to middle age, to the elderly, its all same…we all need to hear and receive the Word. Sunday after Sunday, through the Word and Sacrament, this is our treasure. The gold beyond all gold, the food beyond all food, the joy beyond all joy. The Word. The Sacrament. God gifting you, week after week, the greatest remedy that cures you: Eternal life, forgiveness and salvation.

Have a blessed friday!