Updated August 26 2023

What is Slack?

Slack is a communication tool designed for teams to work together in a common workspace. You can think of Slack as a directory of members, a tool to send messages to one another, a way to plan and make decisions on upcoming projects, or a way to quickly gather opinions or votes on time sensitive matters.

Why Slack?

Messaging apps are very popular in this day and age and help connect people together as part of a community. Unifying the communication within a community is also important so communication on important matters is not lost. Emails are great, but also littered with many other marketing and spam messages. Texting works too, but not that easy to add or remove users to a group and many would like to reserve texting to more urgent or short communication bursts rather than a conversation.

In my job as a software engineer and working remotely, I find that a majority of all communication happens in slack. Email is rarely used anymore. I think by using Slack for our church we can become more connected with one another during the week rather than the once-a-week in-person interaction we have on Sundays.

Slack Terminology

  • Workspace - this is everyone registered in Slack in the Faith Lutheran Church workspace.
  • Channels - these are sub-groups arranged by topic or project you are working on. Channels can be public (anyone can find and join) or private (only members of the workspace that you invite can join and see the messages).
  • Direct Messages - one-on-one communication. Think of this as a direct text to another user. You can also expand the direct message to a private group of up to 8 users.

Example Uses

Are you a member of a committee or other group at church? Do you have regular meetings and discussions? Do you make any plans outside of these regular meetings? Slack would be a great use for these discussions. You can create a separate channel for your group. You can even make the channel private so only users you invite to the group will be able to see the messages. Messages within the channel can be seen and responded to by all the members of the group.

Ushers could have a channel and help find a last minute fill in if they wake up Sunday morning with a bad cold. The church council could discuss and plan various matters related to the church business. A VBS channel could be used to plan and have everything setup and ready for our VBS program. The members of the prayer chain can receive prayer requests to pray for others.

How do I get started?

You can get an invite to the Faith Lutheran Church Slack workspace using the form below. Once setup you can download the Slack app for your iPhone or iPad, your Android phone or tablet. There are also apps for Windows or Mac. You can also simply use your browser to login to Slack and check messages.

Still have questions?

Join Slack and try it out. Ask your questions in the #slack-help channel. Or use the chat button at the bottom of this web page to send your questions. Or ask me (Jeff Mark) next time you see me setting up the camera at church.

Join Now

  • Request Join Link - join the Faith Lutheran Church Slack Workspace. Please note that this is intended only for regular attenders of Faith.
  • Download Slack App - download the Slack client on your desktop (Mac, Windows, or Linux) or your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, or Android phone/tablet)
  • Open to login to Slack on your browser.