Updated August 13 2017

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Letter from Pastor Jeong

Sunday, August 13, 2017

August 13, 2017

To all the Saints at Faith Lutheran,

During the meeting with various members of Faith Lutheran on Saturday July 29th, we discussed the various needs of the church. After speaking at great length, having a wonderful lunch, and even a pleasant drive around the neighborhood with our epic tour guides Dave and Maureen Anderson, I deliberated and continued to ask the question, “Where would I fill the greatest need?” Though the other aspects of ministry and family needs were very important, the fundamental question that I continued to pray about was that very question, “Where would I fill the greatest need?”.

After careful and prayerful deliberation, we decided to accept the divine call to serve as Pastor at Faith Lutheran [Moorpark CA]. We are excited for the challenges that lie ahead but we know that by the grace of God, He will open the field of evangelism and grant us the wisdom and courage to proclaim the life-saving message of Christ Jesus.

As we move forward, I pray that the Lord may continue to unite us by His word, His promises, His word and His sacraments. May this be the beginning to many more things to come as we continue to be the beacon of light, as we share the love of Christ and His forgiveness to the Moorpark community.

A special thanks to the call committee, elders, church council and all who were involved in this process. And a special thank to you for your continued prayers and support. Also, continue to pray for Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Milton WA. They are a wonderful church with many loving and gospel-centered people. Pray for patience, endurance and faith in God’s plan as He provides another pastor to be their under-shepherd.

Soon I will be leaving Washington and heading south to Moorpark. Please pray for our safe travel as we will be driving down to Moorpark. See you soon, and blessings to you all. May we begin a new chapter that is filled with the hope in our Savior Jesus Christ.

God bless you all

Pastor Jeong