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Past Sermon Podcast Episodes
4/15/2018 Hands, Feet, and Fish
Luke 24:36-49
Pastor Ernie Jeong
4/8/2018 The Resurrection of Christ
John 20:19-31
Guest Pastor Mark Pierson
4/1/2018 The Blessed Fulfillment
Mark 16:1-8
Pastor Ernie Jeong
3/30/2018 The Blessed Finish
Isaiah 52:13-53:12
Pastor Ernie Jeong
3/29/2018 The Blessed Command
Mark 14:12-26
Pastor Ernie Jeong
3/25/2018 Hosanna!
John 12:12-19
Pastor Ernie Jeong
3/21/2018 The Gospel in Seven Words: Captivity and Freedom
Luke 4:16-21
Pastor Ernie Jeong
3/18/2018 Shaped by the Word
Mark 10:35-45
Pastor Ernie Jeong
3/14/2018 The Gospel in Seven Words: Death and Life
John 11:17-27
Pastor Tim Barkett
3/11/2018 The Word of Light
John 3:14-21
Pastor Ernie Jeong