Coronavirus Updates

Thursday, November 19, 2020

To all at Faith,

As we monitor the spread of covid, it seems that we are facing another spike that has put our county in the purple tier.

For the concern and physical welfare of our neighbor, the elders and I have decided to move service to the outdoors. We will meet at 10:00am (note the new time) in the parking lot.

For the time being, we believe this is the best avenue for the welfare of our community and church.

Though we are faced with these changes, let us continue to pray for God’s care in the calamity that is before us. Continue to pray for the first responders, and our doctors and nurses. Continue to pray for the Lord’s care and protection for all.

May the peace of Christ keep you,

Sunday Worship Options

10:00am - Outdoor Worship w/ Holy Communion

  • Chairs & Umbrellas will be setup
  • Dress appropriate to the weather
  • Live Worship Stream via Facebook or YouTube

12:00pm - 1:00pm - Holy Communion Hours

  • Receive communion after watching the Worship Service live stream

Ventura County Status

The following snippet is from and sources data from the state. You can also view other counties and more information.

Visit the official CA State website to show our current tier assignment: