His Word is Sufficient

Furthering Thoughts
Sunday, March 31st 2019

“Only through Christ’s Word did they have success”. Fishing…I remember going to Silverwood Lake when I was a child, and all I could remember is that we caught absolutely nothing. We went several years in a row, my brothers and I, we camped, we fished, but never did we catch anything at all.

We tried our best too. Getting the proper equipment, bait, and even having patience, sitting, watching and waiting, hoping that we would just get a nibble, but to no avail. Unsuccessful. Maybe we were trying too hard, trying to force the issue, just hoping our diligent effort would result into a catch.

The disciples went fishing and they too caught nothing. But then, the resurrected Lord stood from the shore, saying, “Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some”. By the Word of our resurrected Lord, the catch was a miracle!

I think for all of us, sometimes we make evangelism seem like such a difficult task. What words do we say? What if they ask a question that I do not know the answer to? What if they reject my witness? So bogged down we get, that we become discouraged and fearful of any evangelism encounter.

But the biggest pitfall for me is when we think we are doing the work. That we are bringing something to convince someone that this Gospel is true. That we need to bring eloquent words in order to present the Gospel perfectly. Of course, doctrine is important, but the greatest pitfall is that we try to catch fish on our own. And that is never the case.

Remember this is the resurrected Lord commanding His disciples to cast the net on the right side of the boat. It’s a reminder to us all that fishing for men is God’s Word. I love how the author says, “its not your job”. Because this is so true.

When we confess the Art III of the Apostles Creed, “I believe in the Holy Spirit”, it is the Holy Spirit who works through the “Word alone” which “is sufficient for the Holy Spirit to instill faith and share the victorious labors of Christ”. Isn’t that the meaning of the Art III, that we cannot by our own human reason or strength come to Him? And if we know that it is the Holy Spirit who creates, sustains and keeps everyone of us in the true faith by this very Word, we know who is working. And thus we trust in the power of God’s word. If they reject, it just isn’t the time and that’s okay! It’s not your job “to win” them over.

But until then we pray for them constantly. Pray for you field. Pray for the Lord to open your eyes to your field so that you are prepared to defend the hope that is in you. Pray for those people specifically in your life that need to hear and receive this Gospel. Bring them to church or if they need a visit from a pastor, I’m here! Always!

So let your witness be one of good news and great joy! Because it is! You and I have the greatest remedy in our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Savior who has set us free, rescuing all of us from sin death and the power of the devil. This is the greatest news. We have the cure for all the world, the greatest news!

Who has God placed in your life? Maybe it’s a family member, neighbor, a friend, co worker, local clerk at the grocery store, even a barista. Continue to enjoy His word as you dwell, meditate and pray upon it all. For there, in this joy, you will “declare His glory…His marvelous works” [Ps96]. After all, it is the Lord’s job, His Word is sufficient.

Have a blessed Sunday!