The greatest achievement

Furthering Thoughts for April 30 2019

The greatest achievement is Jesus.

Sinless as the suffering servant who faithfully walked the road that no one else could trod. Jesus.

Dying the big death for a world separated from God. Jesus.

Bearing the sins of humanity that only His own shoulders could bear. Jesus.

Carrying every grief and sorrow, every sickness and shame. Jesus.

Reconciling man to God as the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus.

Shedding His body and blood on the Cross to wash away the sins of the World. Jesus.

Standing and enduring in our place to be our gracious salvation. Jesus.

Crushing the devil, destroying His work by way of the crucifixion. Jesus.

Willingly going to His death on behalf of you. Jesus.

Crucified, died and was buried. Jesus.

Uprooting death and the grave by His Resurrection. Jesus.

Giving you the “greatest goal-eternal life”, by way of the empty tomb. Jesus.

Being gifted the good new of great joy as we live the resurrected life in peace, comfort and great anticipation as we await His blessed return. Jesus.

Crossing over from eternal death to resurrected life. Jesus.

The greatest achievement is Jesus.

Who else could achieve such things for you?


“Salvation belongs to our God who sits and the throne and to the lamb”. Salvation has come. Salvation has been fulfilled. Salvation belongs to our God! [Rev7:10]

“Salvation comes from the Lord” [Jonah2:9b]