A Plan from God

Blessings to you on March 28th 2019!
(furthering thoughts on todays portals of prayer)

“Preserve me, O God, for in you I take refuge. I say to the Lord, You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you” Ps16:1-2.

What is good begins with a plan. A plan from God that is! Yet we very well know that the best laid plans, or so Adam and Eve had thought, would result in the fall to sin. Where “evil and suffering seem out of control”, the root is from the separation from God. And in the midst of the chaos, it is our most natural reflex in this fallen flesh, to take charge and go according to our own plans. Yet in our reading, our plan will never suffice. For it is plans that we see our great demise that is no different than our first parents. Even our most best laid plans, seems to be of great disappointment.

The greatest plan…the greatest good..is of the Lord. According to His plan, “He paid the penalty for every sin we have ever committed”. His plan, “to join Himself to be our sin and our suffering in this world” [2Cor5:21]. Dying the big death was always the plan, “not allowing evil to hijack His plan”.

And though we love the control of the human blueprint, it is God who is always in control. For His word, This Gospel, delivers, conquers and gives to you, by His perfect will and plan…eternal life, forgiveness and salvation.

Remember, it is the Lord who has called you by your Baptism. It is the Lord who feeds and sustains you by the Supper in Holy Communion. It is by His plan that we are His.

Have a blessed day in Christ Jesus!