Life is not easy…But that’s okay.

Furthering thoughts for April 27, 2019

[I deeply enjoy these FT’s as they point me to the greatest dwelling in the Lord and His word. I know there are days where I do not write anything. Sometimes I am a bit overloaded with things or there was simply nothing left to say based on what was written. But yes, I try to make a genuine attempt to write something down without being formulaic or contrived.]

Sustain: To strengthen or support.

There are the days when you just breathe a bit harder, sigh a bit heavier, and even the head pressure bottles up a bit too tight. But through it all, we say, “Here we go….”. We all have our different struggles, don’t we? Internally, externally, left, right, above and below, from all sides… “Life is not easy”. And so true this is. Overwhelmed we become by all the snares that we are unable to see the forest in the midst of trees. It’s the daily stressors ie..demands, deadlines, pressures, overload, commute, physical pains, sickness, exhaustion, stress, the list goes on and on and on. And it is in these trees, that we forget the forest, that “Jesus is still and always there for you”. “Lo, I will be with you until the end of the age” [Mt28].

There is only so much we can take until we crumble. For, the avalanche of despair ravages the heart and mind as it rolls down the mountain of disbelief. A perpetual cycle it can be!

“Life is not easy”……..I know……but that’s okay.

I know this. You know this.

Yet how we try to find our own light of strength and sustenance that inevitably leads us to a different path. Soon, we find ourselves in the great deception as we chase false lights that only lead to more darkness. Yet the Word says in Revelations 22 “and night will be no more, they will need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever”.

In the midst of all you may be going through right now, in faith, we cast our burdens unto the Lord [Ps55:22,1Pt5:7]. Thus, we flee to His word, as we are comforted by the fact that He is our true Father and we are His true children. Yes, the Word puts us in our place and that is a good thing! For His Word reminds us constantly that we live victoriously under Him.

Life is not easy…. but that’s okay because our peace is from outside of ourselves.

Life is not easy….but that’s okay, because our peace is in the resurrected Lord who has given us the victory over sin death and the power of devil.