Furthering thoughts for May 2nd 2019

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” [Hebrews 13:8].

As we go to prayer, reside in the Word, and dwell on His promises, we are always steadied by the Lord and His truth. Especially, as we live in the world as we know it today, we all need the saving word of Christ.

You always hear the saying [especially for pastors], “you are running a marathon and not a sprint”. In other words, steady…steady…steady. Always taking the time, being in the Word, praying and looking to the author and perfecter of our faith [Hebrews 12:12]

I always remember my first rollercoaster experience. Though I would call the Log ride, or Montezuma’s Revenge to be my very first foray into the world of coasters, I always wanted to go on Viper at Magic Mountain [this was around 1990, amazingly it still running today!]. At school, my friends and I would always look forward for that day to come.

After waiting 3 hours in line on a hot summer’s day [circa 1991], we were finally sitting and readying ourselves to go up. It was an anxious moment, as the ride began with a slow ascent [click click click]. After elevating to the peak, it was a wild ride from there! All I could remember was holding onto the safety bars for dear life. There was no way, anyone could pry my fingers off the safety restraints because the corkscrew and the loop to loop were scary to say the least. Phew!

This same fear, also reminds me of Zoey when I tried to teach her how to swim. We were in the water and she was so fearful. Understandably so, I felt her fear, literally in my back, as she was grabbing my skin so tightly because she did not want to let go.

“When we find ourselves floundering and even a little bit lost, our Savior holds us fast”. We know the danger of our sinful flesh and of course, the endless attacks of the evil foe. Yet as we live , how easy we let go of the refuge of God as we go on our way. Its sin in us, that says, “I can do this myself…no need for God, for I am god”. We may not phrase it that way, but our actions speak for themselves. All the meanwhile, the evil foe reaffirms you, “Yes, go for it, you need no one but yourself”.

But as we go on our way, we might feel that all is well. Things are coming together, life is good all is secure as we “eat, drink and be merry” [Luke 12:13-21]. We waver, we change, we move, up and down we go, and eventually we can lose our way. Steady…steady…steady we are not, for the world continues to tempt and turn us from what is true in our Lord.

Lutheran Service Book Hymn 716 [stanza 5]

I walk with Jesus all the way/ His guidance never fails me; /Within His wounds I find a stay/ When Satan’s power assails me;/ And by His footsteps led/ My path I safely tread/ No evil leads my soul astray;/I walk with Jesus all the way.

Steady…steady..steady..Jesus is. The same yesterday, today and tomorrow! The anointed one, set apart to the very work that only Jesus could accomplish [Matthew 1:21]. He steadily strove to His death with His eyes on the will of the Father-the Cross [Matthew 26:39]. He never backed down, He never gave in, as He steadily and faithfully fulfilled the Father’s Will through His death and resurrection.

In His steadiness, we are who we are. For by His faithfulness, we have been delivered over from death to life. “He is holding us in His hand. He anchors us in our Baptism [see Romans 6, Gal 3:27, Acts 22], in which He gave us faith”.

And though we go on the wild ride of life, we are always steadied by the comfort of our Lord who has given to you the forgiveness of sins, life and salvation by overcoming the grave for you.

“The Lord is the light an my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”.