“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain” Ps127:1

God builds. He created you, He redeemed you. He sanctified you. Not only you but also your family. Your spouse and Lord willing, your children.

Every time I see my children, I see them as God’s gifts to us. But even more, a faithful call as parents to be their spiritual head of household. To be their example, to model the faith, and ultimately pointing them to Christ. And thus, we pray, teach and guide them as God [the builder] has called us to do [Eph6:4].

We build them by way of the Word and Sacrament. From the time in their early years at the baptismal font, to Sunday after Sunday Divine Service with the feeding of God’s Word and Sacrament. The thing is, we are being fed too! And how important it is for all of us to be fed.

Yet the devil is there tempting us those words, “Church? The Word? it’s not the important! “. And thus we say, “let’s take this sunday off” At the same time, what message is this sending to our children? Again, its important how we build.

Building is rooted in the Word, and as our children grow it is because of the Word that guides them to be the “handiwork of God” [Eph2:10]. I know, the world says otherwise. Yet for us, it’s always the Word. Christ is our cornerstone, and through Him, we live.

So come to church with your children. Sunday after Sunday, as the Lord feeds and gives you and your family the words of eternal life, forgiveness and salvation.

Pray with them at home. Read the bible to them, and teach them the Catechism through daily recitation of the Creed and Lord’s Prayer. Honestly, that’s the most important way we build our children. Through faith, by His Word.